Unified Physicians Network (UPN) is a dynamic and financially sound Independent Physicians Association dedicated to quality service for both its physicians and their members. UPN is one of the oldest and largest IPA’s in geographic coverage and physician participation.

UPN is dedicated to supporting the integrity of physician care and instilling member confidence by helping physicians achieve better patient health outcomes. This is accomplished by providing timely responses to provider referral requests and quality case management which anticipates need and strengthens the provider’s ability to practice their brand of patient care. Timely and concise claim and capitation processing, round out the solid foundation of physician services.

All UPN providers must meet our credentialing requirements. UPN maintains a highly qualified Credentialing Department which reviews the professional qualifications and competency of healthcare providers seeking membership, or contracted provider status, with the IPA. The Credentialing process verifies information for each applicant relative to degree, license status, professional liability coverage, malpractice/sanction history, and hospital affiliations. UPN utilizes the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) in our credentialing process. The credentialing policies and procedures enforced by UPN are intended to protect our members and ensure the highest quality providers.

UPN maintains a sophisticated claims handling system that provides prompt and accurate reimbursements, resulting in dependable revenue streams for our providers and increasing our overall members’ satisfaction. It’s our policy to consistently adjudicate clean claims within 30 days of receipt. UPN Claims Department tracks everything from phone calls, returned checks, pending claims, and payment inquiries. Providers and members therefore have a direct single “point of accountability” with UPN!

UPN’s friendly and helpful Member Services Department is ready to help you with a variety of services—from eligibility, verification, enrollment processing, benefit information, physician selection, status of your specialty care authorization, and more!